Save Ukraine Now serves as a non-partisan coalition to alleviate Ukraine’s humanitarian catastrophe by providing direct aid to the Ukrainian people and serving as a voice to governments, media, NGOs as well as to the general public.

SUN Executive Team:

Building Coalitions to Alleviate Ukraine's Humanitarian Crisis


Tamara Zykova (R) with friend and mentor Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-9)

Tamara Zykova (R) with friend and mentor Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-9)

Tamara Zykova

Tamara Zykova serves as Head of SUN’s Representative Office in Ukraine. In this role, she is responsible for day-to-day operations, communications and public outreach. Her experience includes public relations and communications, capacity building, and the development of public support for international projects. She has traveled and worked in Denmark, France, Hungary, Romania and the United States.


She received her Master’s Degree from L’viv State University, Ukraine, and is the recipient of a Cochran Fellowship from the USDA. She also has received numerous certificates of achievement in the United States and Ukraine in the fields of public relations, political structure, agriculture and economics.


Ms. Zykova interned at USDA training programs for Rural Development, and Grades and Standards Development. Subsequently, she participated in the Private Farmers Commercialization Project in Ukraine (USAID and International Consulting Firm, Abt Associates Worldwide) and helped to support a new generation of market-oriented reforms at UNDP (United Nations Development Program) projects such as the Blue Ribbon Analytical and Advisory Centre, and UNDP Agricultural Policy for the Human Development Project.


She also served as the Ukrainian representative, coordinator and consultant of The Anastasia Fund. The fund was founded by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur to commemorate the life of her mother, Anastasia. It supports the development of rural communities in Ukraine through agriculture, education, health care and humanitarian assistance.


Most recently, Ms. Zykova served as the Executive Director of the National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy in Washington, D.C. Her deep knowledge of Washington and Ukraine, combined with her extensive contacts, make her an indispensable member of our team.







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